What to Expect When Replacing Your Roof in Ohio.


Here are some of our residential roofing services and what you can expect:

  • Be prepared for noise, as there will be a lot of hammering throughout the project. It’s a good idea to plan some time away from the home during the height of construction.
  • A day or so before the work is scheduled to begin, trucks will be unloading lots of materials at your home, so expect some traffic. Let us know when this happens so we can perform inventory of materials.
  • Kids and pets should be kept well clear of the work area.
  • Prepare for the project by removing all objects directly around your home that you wouldn’t want to be damaged from falling roof debris. These items may include patio furniture, grills, potted plants and gardening equipment.
  • Take off all picture frames and mirrors from the walls and remove plates and collectibles from shelving, as the vibration from the work could knock them loose.
  • Park any cars, motorcycles, bike and boats away from the driveway, as we will need constant access via that route.
  • Make sure you keep your lawn neatly trimmed, as falling nails can be hard to spot in the grass. We do pick them up each day with a magnetic roller, but a trimmed lawn makes this process easier.
  • Cover your plants and shrubs. While we do take every precaution to ensure falling roof debris doesn’t hit your flowers and plants, it can and does happen, particularly if you have a very steep roof.
  • Likewise with gutters. We do take care to prevent gutter damage, but beware that this is sometimes unavoidable.
  • We can’t work on rainy days, so we won’t show up in those instances. However, we only tear off what we can replace in a single day so your home’s interior is never exposed to the weather.