Roofing is our specialty and we’ve worked on hundreds of projects throughout Cleveland, Columbus. Typically these roofing projects take 1-2 days. Cleanliness is key during the roofing process on homes that are currently occupied, and our goal is to inconvenience the homeowner as little as possible during this process. Our crews clean progressively through the day and we don’t use those large drop dumpsters that can crack and scratch your driveway. From ranch homes to commercial roofing projects, we have done almost every type of roofing imaginable. We do new construction, insurance restoration or properties that just need a new roof. Your roof is the most important part of your home, protecting it from the elements and possible interior damage. A well functioning roofing system is a must-have on every home. Whether it’s your newly painted interior or updated kitchen, all of this is protected by one thing above all else, the roof. A poorly functioning roof can cause the worst damages to the inside of your home, all the way down to foundation issues. Let us help you make sure your home is secure and water-tight.

We are certified Roofers for GAF and every roofing system done with their products comes with a FREE System Plus Warranty!

Here is a small sample of the roofing projects we’ve done in the Cleveland and Columbus areas!

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